Woman Seeks Tulfo’s Advice About Husband “MALAKI SI JUNJUN “


All of us wants to find our lifetime partner and end up professing our love for them and eventually start a family. Problems won’t end once you found your lifetime partner because the real story starts when you start a life together.

As mentioned, the real story of a couple starts after marriage because this is the time when they would know each one’s true colors because they are now living together in one roof 24/7. Some marriages end up happily with problems that are controllable while others end up separating because of too much difficulties and differences which were later realized after the couple get married.

The following story exhibits an unusual problem after marriage. A newly married woman named Eula went to Tulfo’s radio program to seek help regarding her intimate time with her Nigerian husband.

According to 21-year-old Eula, she married her Nigerian boyfriend just recently. She described him as a very nice person and has a good source of living. Her husband wants her to stop working as he can already provide for both of them.

It seemed Eula married the right man until she found out that there’s something wrong during their intimate time. Eula revealed that her husband possesses a manhood beyond she could take.

The problem sound silly but it really is a serious problem as Eula and her husband’s relationship is at stake since Eula is worried that her husband would grow cold if she could not meet his needs.

Meanwhile, Tulfo came to the rescue by asking his Obstetrician-gynecologist friend’s advice.

According to the expert, there is a procedure available to help Eula widen the size of her womanhood so she can accommodate the size of her husband but naturally, it will widen as time goes by with continuous active ‘intimate’ life.

In the end, Eula was advised to just visit the expert so she can check on her condition to give her better advice.