Woman Got Pregnant in the Mouth By A Squid After Eating Calamares


People has the orientation of impregnation with the involvement of two specie. But this recent discovery will make you surprised and wonder how these women have been impregnated.

It is a peculiar condition for it’s not a normal conception because the specie developed inside the mouth. This specie that has developed inside the mouth of a woman is called squid spermatophores. This spermatophores is a cup of semen found inside the mouth of a woman sticking inside her teeth, gums, and cheek. It may have stuck inside the mouth when eaten raw or cooked because of its cement-like covering.

This squid spermatophores contain an ejaculatory apparatus that may produce more eggs that have been cultured inside the mouth that triggered its reproduction. This incident happened to a 63 year old South Korean woman when she ate a calamari. Moments later she experieced a sharp pain inside her mouth and visited a doctor for a check up. It was found out that baby cephalopods lodged inside the mouth, these cephalopods falls in the family of mollusks like the octopus and the squid.

Another incident like this recurred in Japan in the year2016, where a woman also felt a sharp pain after eating a raw squid. Doctors discovered that her mouth has been impregnated because certain spermatopheres settled inside her mouth thathas been the cause of pain.

Research showed that this mouth impregnation cases often occurs in eastern countries because it has been part of the culture eating the seafoods raw, unlike eith the western people, they make sure that internal organs were removed and they cook the meat first before they eat it.

Would you risk eating raw seafoods and become an octo-mom?

A woman became "pregnant in the mouth" with baby squid after e…

A woman became "pregnant in the mouth" with baby squid after eating calamari -_- We wish we were making this up.

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