Woman Goes Blind After Playing Mobile Games All Day


Most people are really hooked playing mobile games especially when there’s nothing to do to kill their boredom. However, having too much of something is not good just like what happened to this woman from China.

21-year-old Xiao Wu developed Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO) in her right eye for binge playing King of Glory her entire vacation for China’s golden week celebration instead of spending the holiday with her friends out of town.

It’s not the first time Xiao Wu played the mobile app for long hours since because during her day off she would spend time with her phone playing the said game from 6AM after she takes her breakfast to 4PM in the afternoon non-stop. Not to mention, her eyes experience another pressure when she’s at the office as she works in the finance department where she needs to be in front of the computer the entire office hours.

After playing the entire day, she lost her sight in her right eye but just thought that her eye was just tired and went to bed to rest. The next day, she was surprised when she still could not see using her right eye.

Xiao Wu was rushed to Donggiang Huaxia Eye Hospital and diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion in which one of the arteries that carries blood in the retina has been blocked due to blood clot or for some cases fat deposits get stuck in the arteries. If part of the retina is blocked, it won’t be able to receive enough blood and oxygen whuch may result to lost of vision.

As of the moment, Xiao Wu is still on the hospital for treatment to regain her vision back. Little progress has been done so far.

Xiao Wu is not the first victim who loss her sight by spending time on her smartphone way too much. It can be remembered months ago that we also shared the same incident wherein a woman also from China loses her sight for binge watching Korean dramas also during her vacation.

So the moral of this story is that always try to spend a quality vacation nor with your smartphone but with your family and friends. Afterall, we can live without our phones but we can never survive without our friends and loved ones.