Weird Looking Creatures Discovered in Malaysia, A Baby Werewolf? The Truth Revealed


The legend of the vicious animal werewolves has spread across the countries and wild forests. Werewolves may be seen in a bright day as an ordinary person but contain a supernatural power like the vampires. These creatures were turning into a huge, fearsome and wild wolves on the night of full moon. They were known for their speed, power, mindless slaughtering acts and wildness. Werewolves were their enemies of the another legendary creature-vampires.

If these two beasts were enemies of each other, how about humans? They were both legend that has a variety of story in different culture. Though numerous reports contain rumors of true werewolves, no one ever sighted one of those monstrous creatures.

Are werewolves really true or it is just a product of our wild imagination and creative rumors?

There was allegedly found baby werewolf in Pahang, western part of Malaysia which looks like a little kitten with a human-like head, thin black hair, sharp claws and pointy teeth that seems to be its fangs.

The Malaysian police abruptly denied that they have seen the baby werewolf while in their operations. They also said that that photographs were fake and just downloaded from the internet as they researched and investigated those alarming pictures. The police were not convinced with a lot of claims that it is really genuine thus, believed and claimed that it is only one of the “silicon baby werewolf” toy produced by a toy factory.Meanwhile, the creature was allegedly brought into unknown laboratory to be examined and to prove whoever is stating the practical truth.

If the photographs were to be examined by the pictures and pixels experts, would they believe it is true? And what if they found out it is really a genuine picture? If genetic engineers were to trace the genes of this creature, would they trace to where did it came from?

What if it is true? Or untrue? Then a toy factory claimed that this was one of their best selling silicon toys? Who would you believed in?