This 30 year old woman had gained 350 lbs for eating on fast food chains three times a day. We all know that eating regularly on fast food chains is unhealthy. Because of the processed foods present and the overloaded calories on each meal will really be accumulated on our innocent body.

That’s why this 30 year old Nebraskan woman had come to her senses that she really needs to subject herself to diet. Being too big will have a negative on one’s self-esteem alongside with how the society will look down on you. People may gain different impressions on you if you are more than overweight. Overweight is already bad, having an XL size already sounds bad, what more if you are obese with a XXL body size.

So Liz Penas, from Lincoln Nebraska decided to put an end to it. And each pound removed from her body is worth a price. Because she never really has issues on her body and her weight, but when she went back to her family at the age of 29 and met her niece, she decided that she needed to be a model to her.

“At my heaviest, I had some insecurities but my weight loss was never about hating myself.”

“I accepted my body. I’d lived in it my whole life, and I never struggle with bullying or getting boyfriends or anything.”

She started ditching junk foods and managed to lose 70 lbs. In July 2016, she subjected herself to gastric sleeve surgery, wherein a part of her digestive system was removed so she will eat less. So on January 2017, she lost 168 lbs which is almost half of her weight. But there had been a problem.

“After losing weight, the excess skin I was left with meant I didn’t feel like myself at all.”

Because after losing too much weight the skin that was once occupied with body fats, the moment it was shed, the skin will crumple and soon would sagged. The only way is to remove it, and each pound to be remove will cost $2119, so in order to remove everything, Liz paid almost $15,000 in total.

source: Youtube
source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

How about you? Are you willing to spend so much for such body transformation? Share us what you think. But before that let me share you one inspiring weight loss story. This is the story of a famous fit and fab youtuber Jordan Shrinks. Watch her video and how she manage her extra skins after weight loss.



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