This is Why You Should Never Type ” Amen ” on A Facebook Post


Facebook is filled with lots of posts like this. “Type ‘amen’ if you this and that”, “Share this photo of Jesus, Ignore and you’re going to Hell”, “Like this to help this starving African kid”. And many ‘religious’ people are falling into these kind of baits that are spewing evilness althroughout the internet world. Apparently, Liking, Typing Amen, or Sharing any posts related to these images that would boost your faith with your God, doesn’t seem to earn your ticket to heaven at all.

The real danger of engaging in these kinds of posts is that scammers and hackers are taking advantage of your gullibility. People who use images of poor people or use the image of God (in any form and religion) rouses thousands of unwary people and followers that fill their pockets. Every like, share, and types boosts your chance of getting hacked and infected with internet viruses that these kind of evil hearts spew on social media. Facebook is a pool of hackers and viruses. Engaging with these types of posts doesn’t really help people who are starving or animals in horrid conditions. Don’t ever believe in those, always keep in mind that you are just filling the pockets of these hackers and helping none with your “charitable” act of liking.

dont type amen
People behind this scheme may have hidden plans

To add to that, these kind of posts are manipulative and hackers are granted access to your account information that make you vulnerable to hacking. Your personal information can also be used to send spam messages for other malicious intents. Keep in mind that when you share these posts, you’re actually doing real harm by increasing their popularity. The page owners use stolen images from Google and from families who is unaware of their images or their relative’s images for the sake of these maliciously corrupted people who only does much harm as they can inflict to unwary people.

Next time you see these kind of posts, always keep in mind you are not going to earn your ticket to heaven nor hell by either liking/sharing/typing amen or ignoring these kind of posts. Best to keep your prayers to yourselves and utter prayers offered straight to people who need them.