Teenager Tries To Enter A Prohibited Abandoned House In Michigan . Kinilabutan Sila Nang Madiskubre Nila Ito Sa Loob


Kids nowadays tend to explore a lot and test their limits. They would try things to feed their curiosity and fierce enough to face the consequences. In this story that we are about to share, teenagers broke inside the abandoned house next to their residence and shockingly found something that they never expect. What is it?

In May 2009, the story of two teenagers had made into the news for discovering something beyond their imagination inside an abandoned house. Before breaking inside, the said teens were having a drinking party in a residence next to the abandoned house. With courage from alcohol, the two friends decided to explore the abandoned house which was left unoccupied and unexplored for two years.

Technically, the teens were the first people to come inside the house in two years and were joined by two other friends. Through the basement, they made their way inside the house and saw rubbish – empty bottles, dusted furniture and carpets.

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As they make their way to the main part of the house, they were surprised to see a decaying corpse of a man sitting on a chair. As seen in the photo, the corpse seemed to underwent mummification because of how intact it looked a year after it was discovered.

It was found that the owner of the house died in 2008 from flu based on his journal found by the teenagers. The entries in his journal revealed the food he ate and the number of beverages he sold while he was suffering from flu.“Sick as heck. Flu. Can’t eat,” the last entry found in his journal. Immediately, the teens called the police and in no time the authorities came to recover the body from the house and searched for the man’s family.

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