Super Sireyna Grand Winner Big Transformation Surprises Netizens


Waking up one day on the body of a woman if you are someone who’s “hiding in the closet” seems to be dream come true as science has gone a long way already. Through the magnificent technology developed by science, being born a male and reassigning your identity as a full-pledged woman will not be a big deal. Cosmetic surgeons are now offering gender reassignment and even fully transforming both man and woman to their opposite gender.

I have nothing but love and respect to this  wonderful person. I believe we all have our own journey in finding genuine happiness and if this makes him happy who are we to judge him.
I hope one day our world will not use “LABELS” to describe oneself. We are all humans and a beautiful creation of God. May He bless us all. Source: Youtube
Sabel Gonzalez now Mark Estephen. She transitioned and detransitioned from man to becoming a woman and now back to a man.
 Source: Youtube
Super Sireyna grand winner Sabel Gonzales

But what happened to Super Sireyna Sabel Gonzales is really a groundbreaking transformation. Not because he is now officially a “woman” physically, but because he has undergone a total transformation sent by faith and strengthened by the name of the Lord.

Sabel Gonzales once joined a gay beauty pageant in Eat Bulaga called “Super Sireyna” and was able to take home a crown and a prize to honor his beauty. But recently, Sabel changed all her social media accounts and reverted to using his birth name and original birth identity. He now uses his birth name, Mark Estephen and even posted a picture of himself with all of his long hair cut off like a man. He now walks on air with his feet on the ground, parading how proud he is now that he had finished the chapter of his life masquerading as a beautiful young lady.

Mark Estephen shocked the whole world who had witnessed him on the said noontime show segment, but according to him, this is all because of the glory of His name: our Lord God.

He also said that he has found freedom, love, equality, respect and acceptance for being who he was because of Jesus. And that, this 2018, he had found his true self under the shelter of God’s arms.

“Thank you for all the support. Only God can change us. God is transforming me for His will in my life and I know that I was born as a man that is a creation of God. I realized that I just created an idol in my own desire but not of God’s desire. Now, I surrender my life to Him. All glory to God.” He says on one of his social media accounts.

He was also thankful that even though he had returned to using his own real name and identity, many of his fans and followers did not stop supporting him in all of his ways which makes him happier and glorify the name of the Lord even more.




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