Strong And Beautiful Construction Lady Catches Netizens Attention


 A Strong Lady, Not just a Fictional Story

Gone were the stereotypical days of damsel-in-distress who is in need of a knight in shining armor, of ideologies of women should not do manly work, that women were weak, uneducated, and the sole purpose would just be a vessel to bear child. History has it!

As technology advances, so does with perception on women. Gender equality has been a far cry providing equal opportunity to all genders. In terms of occupation, that has once been categorized according to sexes, it also pave its way to accommodate women on tough industries like construction, law, medicine, armed forces, disaster management, etc.

On this Facebook post, this woman is not just a pretty face but she has shown great strength by working on a construction company. You would witness her lift and carry heavy loads like sacks of cement, piled up hollow blocks, buckets of sands that no ordinary woman can do. That even for men, this is considered as a tough job one can endure.

So what has been the inspiration of this woman? She has been working hard for her family, she provides and work for them because the father is already dead.

She can be a great inspirationto everybody proving that nothing is impossible when you have that motivation to work. That gender knows no bounds. That if one has a will of doing something, you should pursue it to survive as well.