Star City Ride’s Star Flyer Stops Due To System Failure With 10 Passengers


Last February 17, 2018 the amusement park in Pasay City, Star City was subjected in question for another system failure on one of their rides. The amusement park has faced several incidents of accidents, and some resulted to deaths of its visitors

Security are always maintained on dangerous rides and the safety of its riders are top priority, but accidents may really happen, but not to the point of the employee’s negligence which is unforgiveable. Based on reports, the roller coaster ride named “Star Flyer” where the riders were seated on this chair while harnessed and the feet were left hanging started its operation and in the middle of the ride, it was left suspended in the middle for almost ten seconds. Things like this can create a thrill on the riders, but on some it is no joke to remain suspended mid air and it may cause panic among passengers.

Park Director Roel Benitez announced in behalf of the Star City Management that the cause of the problem is due to some electrical failure. Fortunately, there are no casualties on this incident, and the 10 passengers are left unharmed. In defense, Roel Benitez mentioned that there is no reason to close the operation of the said ride for they were able to fix the situation and the operation of the said ride is continued.

It is the nature of some people to experience some thrill in their lives, while some would use these rides to scream their stresses out, but it is another issue when your life is at stake, for we visit this kind of place to experience amusement and entertainment not to stress ourselves more. There might be different ways to amuse ourselves but having a thrilling ride is a must experience in a lifetime.

source: ABSCBN

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