Snake Giving Birth By Spitting Eggs ? Then We Discovered Something


A video of a deadly king cobra giving birth through its mouth shocked many netizens, but after some thorough research this is what we discovered.

A king cobra in Similipal National Park in the state of Odisha in India was caught on cam vomiting six eggs from its body. We all know king cobra are one of the horrific reptiles that witnessing them eating their meal whole will make you cringe and will give you a night mare.

This kind of reptile has a special ability to swallow their prey whole without choking from it, that if an ordinary person will do such a thing, it is definitely fatal. That as they swallow their food, you can see traces of it on the body of the reptile itself for their body is extra stretchy, and it will take a long time as to be digested using the gastric juices of the animal.

On this video, a cobra has evidently seven eggs inside its body, and you will witness how it was able to barf the egg inside its body one by one. We all know that eggs are best eaten by removing its shell but this snake thinks otherwise.

Maybe it had felt full, that why one by one it vomited out the eggs. Some netizens thought that the cobra was just laying its eggs, and some even debated about it. And it is a known fact that snakes have a separate opening in releasing their eggs, and it is definitely not from their mouth.

So as the cobra spilled out from its mouth the eggs that it swallowed, there is a lone egg that remained in its body. On some theories, the eggs that were swallowed by the cobra is actually its own eggs, that it just need to move its eggs to a new nest, unfortunately, since it was surrounded by people, and to permit it to move faster, it needs to spit out the swallowed eggs.

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