Singer of Hayaan Mo Sila , Ex Battalion Member Wedding


It’s hard for a fangirl to know that her bias will be marrying soon and worse has already tied the knot just recently without knowing it. To all the fangirls of X Battalion Mark, we are sorry to tell you that the famous rapper has tied the knot with his girlfriend . Here is their official wedding video.

It was just late last year when the Filipino rap group X Battalion marked their name in the music industry for their originally composed song “Hayaan Mo Sila” which gained more than 30 million views. Of course with fame, comes numerous number of fans especially fangirls since the X Battalion is an all-male group.

Among the members of the X Battalion, Mark decided to settle down with his girlfriend. His wedding video went viral as it shows the different side of him — not the cool Mark but the Mark who is genuinely in love with his girl.

It’s everyone’s wish to get married and find their other half among the millions or maybe billions of people. That’s why we consider Mark and his wife very lucky to find each other despite all the fame Mark is experiencing right now wherein he could be tempted since a lot of their fans are female. However, he sticked to his convictions and brought the girl of his dreams in front of the altar and made everyone his witness to profess his love for her.

The wedding celebration was kept simple and private exclusively to Mark and his wife’s family and close friends.

Now that Mark has settled down, will we still see him perform as an X Battalion? We hope so as there is no announcement yet coming from their management that he’d be leaving the group to focus on his private life.