9 Signs that your Woman is Cheating on You


There are a lot of cases of infidelity among men, and it’s a common story. Men will always be men no matter how you tie them up. Stories of third parties are so blatantly casual to be shown on national TV such as on drama series or even in big-screen films. Society doesn’t react much to this kind of affair when it comes to men, but when it goes on reverse in terms of the woman being the cheater, here comes the double standards. But for all we know, it can go both ways. And when you feel like your woman is not the same anymore, you might want to look on these signs that she might be cheating behind your back

1.She no longer shows her love or affection towards you like she used to. This is quite an alarming sign when your partner begins to lose interest from you. She was not like the person you used to love. And with this, she might be off seeing someone else who she thinks is more than worthy of her love.

 2.She doesn’t give out any explanations. This is where she begins to act unusual and she doesn’t bother to provide any explanation to you. It is like she doesn’t owe you any and you’re not part of her life anymore.

 3.She blames you for every failure and shortcomings. Considering when you’re in a relationship is that you are both open for mistakes and failures. And as partners, you should go hand-in-hand on overcoming this. But in this situation, when she begins to blame you for every little thing that has gone wrong and it goes on constantly, you might want to have a reality check on you and your partner this time.

 4.She keeps her phone away from you. This may fall under privacy matters, but wouldn’t you think it is a bit odd to stick her phone always near to her? If she is not hiding anything, then she can let you borrow her phone. But if not, then she might be saving herself from you reading their sweet exchange of messages with her other man.

 5.She constantly asks for your daily schedule. While this may be sweet and caring, but you will feel if there is something wrong. When she knows your schedule and how your day will be going, she can go out or even invite her other man into your place and they can perform their unfaithfulness. When the cat is not around, the mice comes out and play.

 6.You and her have nothing to talk about anymore. You begin to lose topics to talk about with each other unlike before. It was as if you have both lost interest with each other there is no room for a small talk anymore.

 7.She doesn’t see you with her plans anymore. She doesn’t want to include you in the picture anymore like the both of you used to. She doesn’t see you with her life anymore and your company is no longer needed.

 8.She closes her ears to listen and doesn’t provide a definite answer for a reply. When you try to confront her with her infidelity, she would try to zip her mouth shut and won’t answer anything for a reply. And often they pretend as if she didn’t hear anything.

 9.Her mind and heart is always running wild. Her mind is floating elsewhere and it seems that she doesn’t show interest in you anymore. You might want to have reality check with her to catch up and move on if anything is starting to fall apart.


Always bear in mind that when entering a relationship, Trust serves as a good foundation. Doubting yourself or your partner is normal for couples, but when you start to feel that something is not so right, then might as well have time to catch up with each other. Relationships fail when the other end starts to lose interest and wane effort from time to time. It may not always be rainbows and butterflies on a relationship. But what is important is no one gives up and tries to find another person to fill the void that seems to be unfulfilled.