Ruffa Gutierrez Beautiful Teen Daughter , The Next Beauty Queen


Lorin Bektas, daughter of former second princess Miss World in 1993, Ruffa Gutierrez, is becoming a promising lady to join a beauty pageant. Will she also walk the ramp and represent the Philippines just like her mother?

Just like with families who are active in showbusiness, can we tell that being an actor or an actress is something hereditary within the family? Or is it because of the influence of a celebrity family member that one would follow their footsteps? One might love the fame and the attention of the media. Or the other might be passionate to be on cam and considers acting as form of an art.

But how about beauty pageants? Science says that the physical appearance of a child is hereditary based on the parents of the offspring. Seeing Ruffa Gutierrez, being crowned a beauty queen, it is no denying that her children can really be equally beautiful.

Lorin Bektas, is only 13 years old, but her height is already very noticeable for her age, that she stands like a beauty queen, that she may have acquired her mother’s genes who stands five feet and ten inches tall. But according to an interview, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez is firm that Lorin should prioritize her studies first.

To add, Ms. Ruffa Gutierrez also shared in an interview that she has not seen any sign from her daughter Lorin any interest to join a beauty pageant, instead she is glad that Lorin is thinking about college first, which she agrees. If ever one would have thought of joining, the standards of the candidates have leveled up.

The candidates now are well represented, that they are really an embodiment of a woman with beauty and wit, at the same time the saying follows “a woman with a purpose”.

She also added that her daughter is still young to join pageants, and she still have time to enjoy and study first.So, what do you think? Share us your views.