Replace All Your Drinks With Water and You Will Get This 9 Amazing Benefits


WATCH: What would happen if you replace all drinks with water?

Research says that a person can survive for few days without food as long as he is properly hydrated. That’s why water is considered as the topmost necessity of every living creature especially humans. Apart from quenching our thirst and keeping us hydrated, taking enough amount of water everyday can also improve our health in 9 ways:

  1. Lose weight faster – if you find hard time reducing your weight without depriving yourself, drinking enough water per day can help you lose weight and continuing this up to 9 days will make your body burn down some weight like you’ve been running 8 km/day.
  2. Speed up metabolism – In connection with number 1, our metabolism speeds up. Meaning our body is able to digest and transform our food consumption to energy at faster rate. By just drinking 17 fl. Oz. of water, it increases metabolism by 24%.
  3. Brain works better – Our brain is made up of 75-85% water. The more water you take, the better you concentrate and the higher you increase your efficiency.
  4. Eat Less – In relation to losing weight, drinking water may help you suppress your appetite because sometimes when we crave for something, a glass of water could just be the answer.
  5. Excrete toxins faster – The more you take water, the more chances you urinate. Through urination, toxins can exit from our system. As a result, we become youthful.
  6. Lowers risk of many diseases – Since water can dispose toxins from our body, our body will respond better when disease comes. Not to mention, drinking enough water can prevent hypertension, bladder problem and even some type of cancer.
  7. Heart works better – Drinking 5 glasses of water can decreases chances of heart attack to up to 41%.
  8. Skin becomes softer and cleaner – When our system is clean and healthy, it reflects to our skin.
  9. Save a lot of money – replacing all your caffeinated drinks and juices to water can help you save a lot of money.