President Digong Duterte Version 2.0 Spotted Driving Taxi in Davao


Impersonation is one skill Filipinos are good at. What if you rode a public vehicle and be surprised that you heard the voice of the President of the Philippines inside the vehicle who is driving you? What will you do?

Less than 24 hours as of today, a video went viral on Facebook featuring a driver who speaks like our very own President Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte. After all the speeches and live coverage made by our President and his Davaoenan accent, his voice and the way he speaks has left a mark among Filipino ears.

In this video uploaded by a Facebook user, Rochelle Oyette Dequia, a certain local of Davao who drives a public vehicle, maybe it was a taxi, makes his speeches and noting quotable speeches and lines of our very own President. At first glance you might mistake him as the President, noting that on the President Duterte’s previous interviews during his campaign, he mentioned that while being the Mayor of Davao, he sometimes drive a taxi to roam around the city and to check the vicinity. So seeing this taxi driver speaking like him would really shock you.

It is also to note that he is updated on the different national issues addressed by the President and he was able to quote those during his stint while he is driving. The one who is taking the video could not help her snicker and laughter as she fascinatedly listens to the driver. When he was asked what is his name, he does not answer, mentioning that he does not have the intention of becoming famous, he just shared that he can be called “Duterte Two” / Duterte II.

As of typing this, the video already earned more than five million views, and netizens is continually being fascinated with the video and the humor of the driver.

Curious? Intrigued? Click the link to watch the video.



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