Pimples Location and Their Meaning


Pimples Location And their Meaning To Your Health

What Your Pimples are Trying To Tell You

We tend to ignore most things that seems to unusually happen on our body by thinking this is a rather usual thing and is completely “normal”. However, we should always pay attention into it as some spots that seem to appear unusually on some parts of our body could be telling us something what is happening inside our bodies so we better pay attentively onto these things, most especially if they appear in the form of unusual spots.

Pimples on your buttocks. Spots that tend to appear on our buttocks can probably mean we’re wearing undies that are too tight for us or could also mean we have poor hygiene. Make sure you keep yourself nice and clean by taking a bath everyday or when needed and keep your underwear laundered and well-fitted.

Pimples  that appear on your chin and neck. This could mean that our body had raised activity on adrenal glands and is linked to our circulatory and excretory system. Drink plenty of water to compensate this and prevent future complications and infections.

Pimples on back and shoulders. Often found on the shoulder blades and middle part of our back. These spots could mean or could be related into digestive problems or problems in digestion. Eating well is key to healthy digestions. Lactobacillus drinks can also aid digestion.

Pimples on chest and bust area. Spots that appear on these areas is a result of hormonal imbalances happening inside our body. Either our body is undergoing change or could just probably implicate changes in terms of our hormones which are essential for our body.

Elbow Pimples. Spots on elbows implicate allergy (or allergic reactions) or could also possibly mean you are inflicted with fungal infections.

Stomach Pimples. Spots found on the abdomen mean that there is an imbalance on our blood sugar. Control or limit consumption of sweets.

Pimples on legs. Often this is associated with allergic reactions to cosmetics or a possible vitamin deficiency. Stack-up on healthy foods and multivitamins to ensure balance inside the body. Avoid cosmetics or beauty products which cause allergic reactions to skin and switch possible brands or products that might possibly not suited for you.

Our body always gives signals and signs to update us from the outside on what is going on in the inside. Best is not to ignore these signs or early symptoms so as we won’t find ourselves on a much complicated situation and might risk our own health to possible dangers.