Passenger “NAGULAT AT NABIGLA ” After Discovering The Mystery GRAB Driver


Taking on the challenge her Facebook series, “IRL” or “In Real Life”, Isabelle Daza goes for a ride around town not as a passenger but as a TNVS driver. The “It Girl” drives around the Metro and hooks on two lucky passengers on the way. Isabelle took on the challenge despite her condition of being pregnant. Isabelle took the time to give Kuya Domingo, a Grab Taxi driver, a day off from driving.

Being born on a rich family of Daza and under the shade of the fame of her mom, former beauty queen Gloria Diaz, Isabelle is in no doubt never experienced to work on more difficult waters like the usual PUV and carpool drivers. The experience for the Kapamilya star is a whole new thing that she even experienced troubles while driving on her first destination. Turns out that the car is on a manual mode and gave Isabelle quite a headache as the engine died twice in the middle of driving.

Two lucky passengers was able to book under Isabelle’s driving and their reaction was ranging from being shocked to amazed. The actress was running late for her first passenger who even called her up for some updates. She said to the camera, “Thank god, she’s super nice.”

The female passenger was shocked soon as she saw Isabelle driving as she enter the car. The two shared a little friendly chat while on the road and the later on, asked for a selfie together. The actress was kind enough to hold the phone for them as they took the picture inside the car.

Off the actress went to her next passenger who was now getting the hung up the mechanics. Same reaction goes upon seeing the beautiful celebrity inside as their Grab car driver. The two also shared a picture together as they drop off.

At 6 in the evening, the actress decided to call it a day. According to her, she doesn’t want to get caught up with the traffic due to rush hour. And besides, she did a great job handling all the rides despite being preggy while driving.

Isabelle left a final note and message to her vlog saying, “Now, I’m definitely gonna be nicer to drivers.” Realizing that driving all day and dropping off passengers after a long ride was not a very easy job for most drivers. And for that, we salute you all!

Belle Daza's Grab Driver Experience

The full video of my #Grab car driver experience!!

Posted by Isabelle Daza on Tuesday, January 9, 2018