“SHE HAD NO IDEA” Erwan Heusaff Teaches Anne Curtis A Lesson After Having a Tiny Argument


The happy, newly-weds who made noise in social media after a simple but intimate wedding in New Zealand, the couple Anne Curtis and Erwan Heusaff shares more fun memories together. Recently, Erwan posted a vlog on his Facebook account showing his apparent revenge to his celebrity wife. Erwan films himself while preparing noodles as requested by Anne. The actress asked for the Samyang noodles which was known for its unbearable spiciness. Little did Anne know that Erwan was plotting a mini revenge on her noodles to get back on her for being “mean” to him.

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Erwan pulls off his prank by putting 3 packs of spicy flavoring on the noodles which would definitely let inferno loose in your mouth. Little did Anne know about this evil plan!

Anne Ojales Curtis-Smith–Heussaff (born 17 February 1985), more popularly known by her stage name simply as Anne Curtis, is a Filipino-Australian actress, model, television host, VJ, recording and concert artist in the Philippines
When in terms of beauty, Anne Curtis is the original DYOSA
Anne Curtis known as avid fan of Kpop’s Oppas . Her ultimate crush in the leading star of the action packed TRAIN TO BUSAN
After breaking up with Sam Milby, Anne Curtis became in realtionship with her future husband Erwan Heusaff
Anne Curtis Pre Nup Photos with Husband Erwan Heusaff, younger brother of Solenn
Anne Curtis tied knots with Erwan Heusaff in New Zealand

He then delivers the prepared meal to Anne who was with their pet dogs on the couch. With bread, Anne chows down on Erwan’s inferno Korean noodles. Few minutes later, Anne began to turn red and she was constantly snuffing the fiery feeling inside her mouth. Erwan acts indifferent and “normal” around Anne as he continues to film her.

Anne takes a bite every now and then to her bread and constantly tells Erwan that it was really spicy; even asking if he put double on it which he denied indeed.

Few more minutes, Anne asks Erwan for another bread which he took for her. Anne mutters, “It is really spicy.” Inside the kitchen, her husband makes a mockery on his wife by mimicking the way she said how spicy it was!

When Anne told him, “I don’t think I can finish this anymore. It is so spicy.”

Erwan admits that he squeezed in triple packs of spicy flavoring on it. Anne slaps Erwan’s arm and calls him evil for it. “Why would you do that!” she said while laughing. “Look what he is doing to his wife!”

Erwan just said to her, “I did that so you would learn your lesson not to be mean to me.”

“I am not being mean to you!” replied Anne. “Yes you are, and that’s your lesson.” Answered back by Erwan.

What an oddly fun way to get back to your wife for being sometimes a little mean! Good job on playing tricks with Anne, Erwan!


I added an extra spice pack in the noodle challenge because Anne loves spicy food…..

Posted by Erwan Heussaff on Wednesday, January 24, 2018