Nikki Gil Shares baby Photo Showing Great Resemblance With Son Baby Finn


Parents are usually the first ones who get excited welcoming their children especially the first born. The reason why they are excited is because they want to see whom their baby got his or her features from.

Recently, Nikki Gil shares a story on Instagram wherein the former VJ-actress showed a photo of her first born and later flashing a baby photo of her.

The two photos captioned, “Someone looks like…” “…his MAMA!!! Mwahahaha”

Observing the photos side by side, yes, Nikki Gil is right! Her son resembles her a lot from forehead down to his lips, Baby Finn got everything from his mother.

No doubt maybe few years from now, this baby boy would make a lot of girls cry for getting all the features of his mother. We won’t be surprised if he’ll be labelled as the male version of his mom which can be his edge for him to easily enter the showbiz industry, if his parents permit.

It’s not only Nikki Gil who noticed her great resemblance with her son. The netizens agree as well and also believe that Baby Finn would grow up handsome and very ‘artistahin’.

For the mean time, let us enjoy first first the childhood of Baby Finn by keeping ourselves posted through Nikki Gil’s Instagram updates.

Now, Baby Finn is two months old. According to Nikki Gil, she is happy seeing her son growing healthy as proven by his size since Baby Finn can already wear clothes made for three-month old babies.

Despite lay lowing in show business, Nikki Gil continues to update her fans about the new chapter of her life through blogging.

Nikki GIl baby photo