Newly Grad Student Received Awesome Gift From Parents, His Reaction is Priceless


This student receives unexpected gift from his loving parents. His reaction so genuine and priceless.

The greatest gift students can ever give to their parents is to graduate with flying colors. Receiving a college diploma is more than enough, and having to graduate with honors is a bonus. College life is the most stressful part of a person’s life as a student. And if one has graduate, he will soon reap the fruits of his labor. For sure, any parent would take pride on having their child graduate from college, and for them it would be the greatest achievement of their lives. But who knew that parents, could give a very wonderful gift to their children after graduation?

Emjey Arce, an IT (information technology) student from Holy Angel University, went viral after he posted a video on his Facebook account to which he was surprised by his parents with an unbelievable gift. Wearing his toga, his parents took the unsuspecting Emjey somewhere in the parking lot. His father, with his arms around his son, walks with him while his mother was behind the two of them, recording the video. Soon as they arrived to the place, they stopped for a moment beside a blue car. His father handed over a pair of keys to Emjey, and told him that it is for him. At first, Emjey was awestricken and confused on why his father is handing over some keys. His father said, “Para sa iyo ‘yan.” The boggled Emjey’s face lit up soon as he realized that his parents got him his very own car! His jaw dropped and his reaction was certainly priceless because he just can’t believe what his parents have got for him as a graduation gift. He went running and jumping like a kid and screaming in delight. He even ran to his father and hugged him really tight like a kid, even embracing his legs around his father! His reaction was really priceless and that his parents were very happy for him as well because of the well-appreaciated graduation gift.

Posted in April 28, 2017, the video gathered over 22K likes and reactions on Facebook, about 14K shares, and people are constantly commenting to the post that reached for about 3.3K people talking about it. Some netizens congratulated the success of Emjey and his parents, and some were just very insecure, bitter and negative about the viral video. Nevertheless, it is a gift well-deserved by most people, and Emjey really deserved it for being a good child for his parents. Congratulations to him!