Netizens Stunned in Surprise by Tuesday Vargas “BIG “Transformation


“New Year, New Life” as the old adage goes by, and we can never deny that at the dawn of new year, every one of us wanted to change a little about ourselves. And even some, goes in total, drastic change of looks. Celebrities alike also align their looks and style with the newest trend right now in the biz. Not only do ordinary people deserved a change of life, but also celebrities and stars need a change of look as well! So many are rushing to the salon and their favorite cosmetic surgeons to change a little about themselves and believe me, many celebs has gone under the knife to shock their fans even more!

But unlike any, the only thing that Tuesday Vargas—a comedienne and seasoned star and performer—changes about herself is her style which is always a total bomb when she detonates it on public. Over the years, Tuesday got every heads turning on either her new hairstyle or a new addition to the inks drawn all around her body. And now, the celebrity has fashioned new transformations on her recent social media updates.

The comedienne and star is now sporting her new tattoos on her arm and her stunningly vivid hairdo which was dyed with light purple—to which they say was the color of the year. And no wonder why, even celebrities follow Feng Shui for good luck! And as for Tuesday, she decided to wear it atop her head!

No wonder why some fans are considering the actress a trendsetter simply because of her awesome and unique style of her own which makes fans imitate her style most of the time. The simple yet rocker-chic get up gets heads be turning around and candies on eyes be feasted upon on.

Tuesday Vargas most popular song is “BABAE PO AKO “
Tuesday Vargas real name is Marizel Sarangelo ( source: Youtube)
Tuesday Vargas was born on October 14, 1979 in Sampaloc, Manila
Tuesday Vargas is a Actress , Comedian, Event organizer, Host and a Band vocalist
source: Instagram
source: Instagram
source: Instagram
source: Instagram
source: Instagram
source: Instagram

So what do you think of Tuesday’s new look? Was it worth the try for this year? Get your thoughts working up on the comments section below!



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