Netizens Notices Something on Jodi Sta Maria


It’s been some time since we last saw Jodi Sta. Maria appear regularly on TV. Now, the netizens are shocked seeing this recent post of Jodi on her official Instagram account. How’s Jodi Sta. Maria doing? What keeps her busy nowadays?

Jodi Sta. Maria became well known for portraying the funny nanny charater of Maya in “Be Careful With My Heart”. The noontime show became very successful to the point that it lasted for two years with consistent high ratings.

After the show, Jodi Sta. Maria became in demand not just as an endorser but also in doing big screen roles. She starred a number of movies of different genre from horror up to romance comedy.

Apart from being an endorser and actress, Jodi engages more on fitness as she also endorses Anlene where she promotes better health through exercise.

With the image she has now, Jodi maintained and even tried to improve more of her health and fitness by enhancing her the tone of her body through work-out.

On her recent post, the “Be Careful With My Heart” leading star flaunted her well-sculpted abs. Going through her Instagram account, it seemed Jodi spends most of her free time in the gym to achieve her dream body and we think all her hardwork has now paid off because comparing her body now from her body years ago, Jodi now looks more alluring and can already be considered as a #fitspiration.

In show business, it’s not only Jodi Sta. Maria who got hooked by the new term of sexy nowadays in which sexiness always comes around with fitness and good lifestyle. Other celebrities who believes sexiness is equated to fitness include Anne Curtis, Solenn Heusaff, Isabelle Daza, Erich Gonzales etc.

What can you say about this new image of Jodi Sta. Maria? Does her new physique suits her?