Netizens “NABIGLA AT NAPAMURA ” After Seeing Janella Salvador’s Do This


We typically to use slow motion with our videos to check fast-paced scenes we’ve missed but today applying slow motion in our videos helps to bring out the inner sexiness of each one depending on the kind of gesture they’re making. Among the people who looked very sexy in a slow motion video is none other than the talented young actress Janella Salvador.

In this video posted by Janella Salvador’s fan page, the young Kapamilya actress seemed to starting a trend namely #JanellaSandChallenge. As of this writing, this sexy video of Janella throwing her head up from the sand has now reached more than 470K views. What made it viral? See for yourselves by watching the following video:

Janella Salvador is one of the young actresses who is really serious maintaining her wholesome image. However, no matter how some women try to look wholesome there will be instances that the inner sexiness comes very natural like it’s really in you no matter how hard you hide it.

In just two days after it was posted, Janella Salvador proved that she can be fierce and sexy in a given scenario particularly when she’s on the sand. This viral video of the young actress might be taken from a photoshoot wherein Janella wore a super short shorts flaunting her long and flawless legs. She was asked by her photographer to throw her head artistically as she was sitting on sand.

Well, we can say that the outcome came out pretty good in slow motion. For a few seconds, Janella turned into a hot chic which is far way different from her very wholesome packaging as a young actress and model to the young generation.

Going through the comments, many netizens were very pleased while most of them now plans to replicate the shoot and post their own #JanellaSandChallenge on their respective social media accounts.