Netizens Got Angry After They Saw Something in an 5 Star Hotel in China


Tourists and travelers would often seek comfort on hotels, transients, or airbnbs to relax themselves after a whole day of tours or roaming around the place where they went. They will expect much assistance and pampering thinking that their room provides comfort and is clean because that what they pay for. And these kinds of accommodations would guarantee good services for it is one way to gain market, what more of a high-end hotel.

A hygiene breach was exposed by an undercover reporter in the three top rated hotels who posed as an intern in the three-popular winter destination in northeastern China in Harbin Kempinski. These top rate hotels costs around 220 and 420 USD per night, from this high cost accommodation one would expect of a very satisfactory service. These video footages were verified as authentic by authorities.

In Kempinski Hotel, the attendant uses the same toilet brush in cleaning cups and drinking glasses as she cleans the lavatory and the toilet. And uses the same bath towel to dry them then neatly folded to be used by the next guests. According to the interview, each attendant is given twelve standard rooms to clean and was given 2USD for every additional rooms to be cleaned. Since there is an estimated time to clean a specific room, they need to work double time so they do not mind changing brushes on cleaning.

On the second hotel, in Harbin Shangri-la hotel, the red wash cloth used in the video was used in cleaning the dust bins, the glasses and the toilet. The attendants admitted that they are violating cleaning regulations, but it was left ignored and they do not observe the protocol.

In the last hotel, the attendant confessed that if the bedsheets are left unused or it does not seem dirty, they would not change it, to save them time to clean other parts of the hotel room.

Chinese media say the hotels were fined with an unspecified amount and the local office tourism and hygiene watchdog already warned them for this king do practice.

Would you still dare to stay on these hotels? What are your views?

OMGosh! Seriously!

Posted by Gerald Sum on Thursday, December 28, 2017



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