Netizens Cries Foul Over Alleged unfair 34 ,000 Php Restaurant Bill


It’s a tradition for Filipinos to eat in a fancy restaurant everytine there’s a family member celebrating his or her birthday. For Filipinos, it is okay to spend some amount as long as the experience is worth spending for.

Meanwhile, a netizen named Aeron Lean went on Facebook to share their family’s experience in a restaurant named Chen Dynasty, a seafood ‘paluto’ restaurant. According to Aeron, their family went to the said restaurant to celebrate their grandmother’s birthday.

At first, they were warmly welcomed by a particular staff and offered them some options on how their food will be served. Aeron said that the restaurant staff insisted that they would just be the one to buy the seafoods they prefer as the restaurant doesn’t charge their service for buying their desired seafoods in the nearby wet market and boasted that they are more knowledgeable on selecting the best items so they don’t have to worry as they will be serving the freshest seafoods they wanted to feast.

After the family enjoyed their meal, they asked for their bill and was shocked when they found out that they would be paying a total of 34K.

Because of this, Aeron went online to share his experience and to also warn other netizens regarding the restaurant’s ‘modus’.

A lot went to the side of Aeron and extended their sympathy towards his family for the horrible experience. Meanwhile, some netizens were able to read the other side of the story telling the perspective of the restaurant.


The waiter who served Aeron’s family broke his silence and told his side of the story. He said that the family went in a big group of more than 30 pax and falsified Aeron’s statement regarding his claim that the restaurant gave them an overbill.

source: facebook
source: Facebook


"Chen Dynasty"So ayun na nga mga mamshies , Share ko lang naging experience namin sa kainan na yan. Babala na din sa…

Posted by Aeron Lean on Sunday, January 28, 2018

Upon knowing both side of the story, who do you think is telling the truth?



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