Mysterious Floating Cooler in The River Scares Swimmer


We are very much familiar with message in a bottle, where a lone heart or miserable hearts would scribble their heartache and secure the scroll in a bottle and throw it on the ocean and let it afloat together with their bitter feelings. But what if along the shore or the river bed, instead of a message in a bottle you will see a cooler afloat in the middle of a river?

A group of Americans had spent their summer in a nearby river to get rid of the summer heat and get some tan, and the weather might seem dehydrating, it will be a relief for a cold drink. And in the middle of their swim, they saw this white cooler afloat in the river and they are curious of its contents. Hypothesizing that it might come from the far end of the river and the owners was not able to notice the cooler gone.

Horrifying thought might come out for the cooler is secured by several duct tapes, and it gave a creepy feeling among the swimmers, because on situations like this on films, this might contain a dead body, or a dismembered part of some dead person. Good thing that they found the cooler on a broad daylight so it lessens the fear among the bystanders, and they are equally curious on the contents of the cooler. And some wishes that they will discover cocaine inside.

The man who caught the cooler is extra tensed while trying to detach the duct tape from the cooler and fearful of what he will discover inside. And it is worth seeing how the man jumped from his feet on his discovery. He saw a doll inside the cooler, and people wondered why would someone keep a doll inside a cooler? Was it a cursed doll or just a couple of kids playing with it?

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