Mother of 3 Go Brothers Who Fought Cancer Cries Foul Over What Happened To Her Sons


The yesterday’s episode of “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” featured the tragic story of the Go brothers who all died from liver cancer and their mother’s sentiments for being alone after her last and youngest son Hisham Go passed away.

If you were in the shoes of Lorelei Go, what would you feel about having almost yearly deaths of the three most important persons in your life?

Lorelei Go is a perfect example of a strong mother as she remains strong and still fighting despite the death of his three sons whom the latest was his youngest Hisham Go who died on the night of November 12.

In her interview, Go shared how hurt she was seeing all her sons losing their strength and bit by bit their life from liver cancer. She said that she felt most the pain every time she sees her sons suffering from the disease.Go also felt disappointed with their destiny since she raised all her sons well and believed that her sons do not deserve the fate they had.

Despite their sad and tragic fate, Go remains to be positive and trying to convince herself that her sons were just on a long trip and they will all be united in God’s time.

According to Hisham during his past interview, he considered himself lucky because he was given a chance to know about the Lord and be saved through his grace before he dies.

Since Hisham was the last child of Lorelei who almost won the battle from cancer, she was praying to spare his son from dying from the same disease. However, despite the early detection of cancer and strict diet, from stage 1, Hisham was suddenly diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer after undergoing a check up in China.
Just this weekend, Hisham was laid to rest next to the tomb of his brothers.