Miracle Baby Born With No Brains Lives


Modern day miracles don’t seem to come any close to us ever since the New Testament in the Bible has been done. But miracles indeed do happen in the modern world, in a world dominated by the field of science and logical explanation. A proof that a God, still exists.

Everyday, the hospital walls witness miracles on every hour, every minute. And that is the miracle of giving birth to a child. However, on over a hundred-thousands or probably millions of children given birth every second, what can you possibly do or how would you react if you were to have a child with a one-in-a-million disease? A documentary done by BBC told the story of a mother named Shelly Wall, who, had a child with an extreme congenital disease which is being contracted by babies on a one-in-a-million ratio. No mother ever wanted her child to be sickly. The anxiety experienced by moms is incomparable and immeasurable when the child’s health is at risk. And Shelly, gave birth to her child, Noah Wall, four years ago. Noah had a severe birth defect, mainly caused by hydrocephalus. The deformity resulted for Noah to have little to no brain at all to be developed inside the head. He came out of her mother’s womb with his head swollen, and left with almost no brain developed at all.

Before giving birth, doctors have advised Shelly to abort the baby or terminate the pregnancy simply because the child might not live a normal and healthy life. Aside from that, possibility of life is extremely low. But no matter what, the parents decided to continue it and let the child see the beauty of the world. However, with faith, Noah was given birth to the world with the deformity they expected. 98% of his brain was non-functional due to the damage done by hydrocephalus. Needless to say, the family kept their faith that things will soon fall into the right places.

But miracles do happen. As Noah grew up, his brain gradually started to grow itself back. When they thought things were simply irreversible and there is no cure at all, miracles start to work on its magic. Although the development of Noah was rather late than a normal child, he was still able to learn how to talk. At the age of 4, his brain was the normal size as that of kids of his age. Still, even though the child was facing numerous health issues and physical difficulties, miracles will still find its way to the believers who’ll always keep their faiths to the Lord Almighty.