“Marlou is Dead ” Say Hi to Xander Ford After Surgery


It trended yesterday that the famous member of Hasht5, Marlou Arizala, is dead. Well, not literally dead but undergoes a change of identity. Here are his photos the moment the Hasht5 member few minutes before undergoing surgery.

source: facebook

Same with Charice Pempengco now Jake Zyrus, Marlou Arizala decides to let go of his past image and open a new chapter of his life through going under the knives to look much more attractive.

Speaking of change of identity, it won’t be completed without also changing your name. A post went viral yesterday sharing Malou’s death and with the death comes the birth of a new person named Xander Ford. Along with the post comes the ‘before’ photo of Marlou and what he would look after plastic surgery — someone with a more pointed nose, less facial lines and smoother skin. Also mentioned in the post are the caption, “Marlou is dead! I am Xander Ford! Marry Me or FOLLOW ME?”

Apart from photos, Marlou also made a video telling what he feels before his transformation starts.

“Excited na ako sa operasyon. Sana maging ayos and wish me well po,” the famous hasht5 member said.

The new Marlou Arizala, Xander Ford, is expected to appear to the public sometime on 2018.

Marlou Arizala first became known through his viral lipsync ‘papogi’ videos along with his Hasht5 co-members. Due to his confidence, he was able to enter show business. His biggest break was when he was invited to guest in “Gandang Gabi Vice”. From that day on, the Hasht5 member was given various projects on TV at the same time maintained his popularity online.

With Marlou’s recent update, do you also feel excited to see how he would look after plastic surgery? Share your thoughts by dropping them below.

meanwhile here is some edited photos made by talented and artistic netizens the expected finish product of Marlou Arizala’s surgery

source: facebook
source: facebook