Man’s Rectum Falls Out After Playing Too Much Mobile Game


According to a news shared by the Daily Mail, a man in Southeast China had his rectum fall from his anus after a long time of sitting in the toilet and playing on his mobile phone. The man was allegedly playing the mobile app game, Mobile Legends, which makes the phone hard to put down since it’s a real-time MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game. And to think, he was said to be sitting on the toilet for almost half an hour. The said incident made the man be rushed to the hospital to seek immediate medical attention.

Sources say that after feeling a ball-shaped thing coming out of his anus, he immediately called for help and was taken to the hospital. There, surgeons did their job and performed an operation to the man to remove the object that’s sticking out of his rectum’s hole.

Dr. Su Dan, a gastro-intestinal surgeon at The Sixth Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-Sen University, reportedly said to the media that the man was diagnosed with a rectal prolapse and mentioned that this is not the first time it happened to the man. According to him as he was told by the patient with swollen anus, the man already had the condition as early as four years old. But fortunately, the bulge was able to retract. But since the man did not seek for medical attention then on, it has gone worse through time until he was taken back to the hospital.

source: Khan news

So what happens on a rectal prolapse? Dr. Su Dan explained to the public that the condition is where the lining of the rectum slides out of place and ends up outside the body. This might be a horror to those who spend lots of time trying to “get the trash out”. But experts say that forcing to push something out of the body may cause the pelvic muscles to loosen up and which could lead to the bulge sticking out of the body.

A CT scan was performed to the man to showed the spherical lump that was said to measure 16 centimeters in diameter. The doctor also mentioned the presence of bruising and cuts along the man’s intestinal wall. Fortunately, the man is now alright and is undergoing recovery inside the hospital.