Man Cries Foul For Being Too Handsome , Netizens Reacts


There is a humorous saying ” How can you face a problem if your problem is your face “. One netizen shared his dilemma in social media, but unlike to many facial problem his has a twist.

One will always want to look good for social acceptance. With the standards of the community, there will be no space of being ugly, unless, with the admission that one is not rewarded with good looks, he or she may accept that people will now make him or her an object of ridicule.

James Reid is probably one of the most handsome pinoy in this generation. He is popular with his love team Nadine Lustre. His most known movie is Diary ng Panget
Alden Richard, The so called Bae of the Philippines. Known as the 1/2 of the phenomenal loveteam ALDUB with Maine Mendoza
Daniel Padilla the successor of Robin Padilla badboy yet gentleman image. the leading man of Kathryn Bernardo
Enrique Gil is the boyfriend of the most beautiful face of 2017, Liza Soberano
Kobe Paras is not just looks but also has a very athletic body. Also called as the future of The Philippine Basketball

Recently, a video went viral when a man named, Jeggo Loberes uploaded a video “Hindi biro ang maging GWAPO” (Being handsome is no joke). Unlike with other men who would do anything to look good, it is rare to encounter a guy who would not want his good looks, and he even uploaded his confession that it had been a total struggle as well.


Mahirap talaga maging GWAPO maraming responsibilidad at nakaka stress,.. hayss hirap talaga-tag mo kilala mong GWAPO or GGSSVideo: Jeggo Loberes

Posted by on Thursday, January 11, 2018

He mentioned how it had been a struggle for him to avoid admiration from people because of his good looks. That if some people will spend thousands for surgery and looking good, in his case, he had done great efforts to look ugly. He made an effort on staying late at night and enduring pimples just to look distasteful. He even puckered his lips for it to look very large, but everything has been a failure.

He also shared that he was always being blamed by the school librarian for having noisy students, because the moment he enters the library, people inside the library creates a commotion. He almost sobbed on his confessions and he would still try to accept his fate of being good looking.

We all know that this is all a joke, Netizens have different reactions, some people does not like it but many appreciated what this guy done. It takes guts and a lot of courage to create this kind of video. His humor makes him more GWAPO than he ever imagined.

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How about you? What do you think about this man’s confession? Will this earn your sympathy?



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