Look How Rich Isabelle Daza’s Husband Adrien Seblant


Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat’s wedding is considered as one of the fanciest weddings of the generation. That’s why, we won’t be surprised knowing the news since Isabelle’s husband Adrien Semblat is considered as one of the wealthiest man in France because with his status he got all the means to give Isabelle’s dream wedding.

Isabelle Daza and Adrien Semblat are married for more than a year and are now starting their own family as Isabelle is now pregnant with their first child. Meanwhile, it may sound late but it was just recently when people got the interest of knowing Isabelle’s husband more.Adrien Semblat is the country manager of Adidas so we are not surprised to also see Isabelle Daza wearing only the same brand of sportware which is obviously noticeable on all her posts on her official Instagram account.

According to Adrien, he wanted to get out from his comfort zone and accepted the job here in the country.

“After four years in Adidas France, I really wanted to experience working abroad and leave my comfort zone to live a very different, challenging and enriching life,” Adrien said.

On the process of coping up with his new job, Adrien met a couple of Filipino friends who keeps him company. Little did he know that he will fall in love with a Filipina.

If we remember it right, Isabelle and Adrien met through a common friend and did not instantly fell head over heels to each other because they went to a lot of ups and downs before ending up as a couple.

Well, look at them now. They are now married and expecting their first born soon. Meanwhile, the couple decided not to identify the gender of their baby as they wanted it to be a surprise after Isabelle gives birth.



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