How Liza Soberano Trains For DARNA Role


It is not easy to be Darna, Liza Sobera are working extra hard to meet the expectations of the fans and supporters. You have to be fit, you have to strong and you have to have a good body.

If in case you missed it, Liza Soberano was called by the Star Cinema and ABSCBN management to play the role of the iconic Filipina superhero, The DARNA. Read more: It is official: Liza Soberano is the new Darna

Upon the announcements, social media users  and other online communities were all divided about Liza Soberano getting the role. Bashers and haters sprouted like mushrooms.Read more : Liza Soberano Cries foul over her bashers after getting the darna role

Despite so many bashers , haters and doubters, Solid Liza Soberano fans are support to Kapamilya actress. While the 2nd most beautiful face in the world title holder promise to do her best as Darna. In fact, in a secret place, Liza Soberano is currently doing intensive workouts and training.

According to VDPA, Liza Soberano is currently undergoing an intense training in an undisclosed place to prepare for the role.  Sources revealed that the beautiful star is enrolled in kick boxing and soing some weight lifting.The location where Liza is underdoing her ‘Darna’ training is yet to be revealed “so that there won’t be any leak”. But ofcourse we will not end our article like this. Good news is we found a leak on how intense Liza Soberano’s training is. Watch the full video below and enjoy.