Kathryn Bernardo Reacts on Rumored Daniel Padilla’s Other Girl “PATAMA KAY DJ?”


Just few days ago, Daniel Padilla went viral after taking a photo with fan where the fan claimed that Daniel Padilla is interested about her for asking her number. What’s Kathryn Bernardo response about this?

We sometimes can’t blame fans for feeling so much excited when they got to see their favorite celebrities especially when they happened to visit a same place and somewhat have the chance to mingle with them. This is exactly what happened to a beautiful fan where she actually got the opportunity to come close and chat with Daniel Padilla.

The fan was evidently pretty and has ‘artistahin’ looks so there is no doubt that people would notice her even celebrity like Daniel Padilla. Maybe because of her charm, she caught the attention of Daniel Padilla and was able to have few photos with him and even ended up giving her number to the young actor which according to her was asked by Danile Padilla.

Of course, the encounter made some of KathNiel fans disppointed and furious. Some fans bashed the pretty fan while others put all the blame to Daniel Padilla for being so insensitive and not thinking what Kathryn might feel if she finds out.

Because of the issue, Kathryn Bernardo left a response and indirectly addresing Daniel Padilla her answer through a post on her official Instagram account.

Kathryn Bernardo posted a polaroid photo of Daniel Padilla and captioned it:

“He looked at her the way all women to be looked at. — F. Scott Fitzgerald”

This post of Kathryn was probably addressed to her on and off screen partner Daniel Padilla which might be her answer about the issue of Daniel Padilla with a beautiful fan.

Truly, girls are really good expressing their heart out creatively