Jennica Garcia and Husband Alwyn Uytingco Chooses Simple Probinsya Life Over Showbiz


Jennica Garcia, daughter of the veteran actress Jean Garcia had her moments of fame in the showbiz industry. Eventually, when she mothered the baby of Alwyn Uytingco, she preferred to be a hands on mother and chose to have a peaceful life instead away from the spotlight.

Jennica Garcia married actor Alwyn Uytingco and was blessed with one female child
Jennica Garcia is a former GMA artist, but now a freelancer
Jennica Garcia in her bright time in showbiz , she was considered one of the most beautiful and promising young actress
Jennica Garcia is the only daughter of Jean Garcia and Jigo Garcia.

It will be a great sacrifice and a great transition from being an actress who receives the attention of the public to reciprocate a role where she would prefer to be the one who gives comfort instead to her beautiful daughter. ON the year 2015, Jennica gave birth to their first daughter of Alwynn which she named, Athena Mori.

Jennica and Jean Garcia together as a GMA actress
Sweet moments of mother and daughter

Being a full-time mom, Jennica started a group which she named Kalinga ni Nanay where she supports and advocates awareness on Continuum Parenting and Natural Infant Hygiene. She lets her daughter play on her own, and even had her potty training.

Jennica and Alwyn is a responsible parent
Jennica Garcia new career is a full time mother and wife
Jennica Garcia plays with their unica Hija
Jennica Garcia hands on as a full time mother
Jennica Garcia feeding her baby girl
Jennica Garcia chooses simple probinsya life over stressful showbiz

She felt the need to have a house helper during the day so she can give her full attention to their growing daughter. She realized the need for a helper when she sees Mori patiently waits for her while she finishes her house chores. She felt guilty that it had been a wasted opportunity for her child to enjoy those times of waiting for her.

Jennica and Alwynn promotes organic lifestyle, that they even gifted Mori a set of plant boxes instead of toys so it is also a way of creating bonding moments with Mori. They also avoided giving Mori toys that are battery operated to avoid accidents. They also let Mori enjoy her childhood by playing outside and being dirty. She was also disciplined not to use her parents’ gadgets, and it was explained to her that those kinds of gadgets were only used by adults and for business purposes only.

Jennica also conducts seminars on Natural Infant Hygiene and Potty Training attended by mothers to help them get to know their students children very well and to know how to handle them.

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