How To Wake Up Early and Feel Great in Morning


How To Wake Up Early And Do Not Feel Tired

Most of us often sleep way past bedtime and often find ourselves trying to drowse off in the middle of the night but failing to sail way to Dreamland. And we frequently try to wake up early in the morning (because, reasons) but we always tend to feel tired the very exact moment we wake up in the morning. Among the many root causes of it is sleeping late at night and waking up super early in the morning. We are technically destroying our own body clock and ruining the time we should be resting still since we lack the hours of sleep we should be taking to ensure we have energy to last for the whole day.

But most importantly among this, science plays a vital role on this sleep-and-wake-up cycle. The chemical inside our body called “Melatonin” controls and is the main in-charge for snoozing the body off. And here we’ll share more of it and some tips on how to wake yourself up early in the morning and not feel tired the next day:


3 Ways To Have A Good Night Sleep

Control your lighting. Melatonin production is done when the body is on a dark environment or surroundings. That’s why we tend to feel sleepy when the room is dark or dim. Melatonin production is blocked when there is a source of white light. White light is being produced by fluorescent lamps, lights from your TV, cellular phones which prevents the production of melatonin and eventually prevents us from falling asleep. A helpful app is available on AppStore and Playstore called “F. Lux App” or “Twilight App” for free which it changes the lighting of your phone when the sun sets. Leave your blinds open as well so for in the morning, when the sun comes out to say hello, natural white light will pierce in and prevent melatonin production and wake you up naturally and with no remorse.

Use your bed ONLY for sleeping. Your brain looks for cues to perform a certain action. So if you use your bed for browsing through your phone, or watching TV, or even actually eating food on top of your bed, it disrupts the programmed info and stimuli in your brain which could affect the body’s behavior towards the stimuli being received, making it associate other things and actions whenever you lie yourself on the bed which is not good. So use it only for sleeping and for sleeping alone—it’s its primary purpose after all.

Get enough sleep. As mentioned above, in order not to feel tired for the rest of the day, be sure to not deprive yourself of proper sleep. Getting enough sleep every night will recharge your body full enough to be energized and last the whole day without feeling exhausted. Our body needs sleep, and we’ll see ourselves self-destruct if we deprive ourselves the right for it. We can’t trick nature after all, so whatever we do, if we don’t get enough sleep, we’d probably feel tired in the morning until the end of the day.

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Enjoy and be healthy.