Posture Maintenance: Easy Ways to Maintain


How to maintain great posture ?  Health education is very important, that’s why in this article we will discuss some simple yet so brilliant ways to maintain your perfect posture.


 Often we neglect our posture and spine health due to the lifestyle we accustomed into, but we should always remember that it is always a must to be wary of the lifelong effects of it when we thoroughly neglect the harmful effects of it to our health. However, there are a lot of ways to maintain or even get a great posture in no time! Here are some easy and basic ways to get that great posture and stance with positive effects to our spine and bone health that our joints will be thanking us in no time!

Here are the 3 Dos and Donts in maintaining a great posture

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Exercise! Working out your bones and muscles or doing some basic yoga figures won’t harm you, it would even make your posture look great! To do this, roll a towel into a cylindrical shape, make sure it is tight and secure. Place the cylinder under the lower back at the level of your navel and lay down on it at your back. Raise your arms above your head and join your pinky fingers. Join your big toes as well on your feet. Lie on this position for five minutes every day. It will help your muscles be stretched all over your body and make your spine adopt to the proper posture. This will also make your waistline smaller. Exercise and daily scrunches will also help you get a great posture.


Heads-up when using gadgets! You always have your head bent down when using your phone or always be slouched on your seat when typing on your laptop. The things is, this is not healthy for your spine and could affect your posture. Also, this could harm your eyesight as well. Always sit upright on your seat and always lift your head on a 90-degree angle (or at eye-level) whenever using gadgets. Position the screen at the level and at the distance of your eyesight. Another tip, always use two fingers when scrolling or using your phone instead of only one. This would help you avoid tired fingers. And remember the 90-degree rule and the parallel line rule whenever typing or using gadgets or just plainly reading a book.

Always keep in mind the possible harmful effects of ignoring your spinal cord health as this is the only bone inside the human body that is in-charge of posture and provides support for the entire body. Losing it is like losing life. Improper posture can cause a lot of problems as when you slouch, the vertebrae tends to crush the nerve endings that’s why we frequently experience pain after prolonged exposure to improper position. It also puts pressure on the internal organs resulting on deformation of it. In addition to that, the abdominal muscles will stop working, saturating fat on your belly and tummy. Heart work is also disrupted, making it difficult to breathe. The risks it imposes on the human body includes: spine deformation, limb mobility infringement, displacement and distortion of internal organs, and could also lead into a hunch on the back in old age. To make sure these possible problems won’t be encountered in the future, always be sure to sit up straight and live a healthy lifestyle!

Source: 5 minutes Cratfs/ Youtube