How To Trick People Into Thinking Your Cool



Wish you could be like the “cool kids”? Ever wanted people to admire you as a groomed, awesome person you wish you could ever be? There are a lot of ways on how to look amazing and make people think you are actually a cool person to be with. Here are some super easy ways to upgrade you into a newer version of you:

Make easy, super cool temporary tattoos. Getting inked is cool and awesome for some people and want to be “in” to the trend? Transfer tattoos or temporary tattoos is a thing right now for those who don’t like getting them permanent. One fun way is to DIY your own! Get a pencil and sketch your design on a piece of paper towel. Lay the leaded side on your skin and soak with water. The design will transfer on your skin and you can blacken it out using an eyeliner. Set your “tattoo” using talcum powder or a regular baby powder.

Groom your hair well. Hair grooming and styling is opting for “cool kids”, and to be cool person, be sure to style it properly in the best way that suits you. Try new hairstyles by curling it using a hair iron if you want your straights to get the curves.

Always mind your manners. Good manners draw everyone’s attention to the doer of the action, so always mind your manners! Be it on proper attire, or riding a passenger seat of the car the proper way to answering calls during dates (always answer important and urgent calls only). Another good-manner-tip is when you’re wearing “sunnies” or sunglasses, always take it off when talking to someone to show polite attitude. For elevator etiquette, always keep in mind to step off to let people exit on the floor they are to land on. Don’t let people bump through you when you’re blocking the passageway. It gives an impression of rudeness. Table manners is also a key. Another thing, important for girls, is to be mindful of your actions on public. Never fix your makeup or let your guys carry your own baggage for you. Be responsible of your actions. At the end of it all, good manners is key to be a good person.

Great fashion sense makes sense. Proper grooming attire, like good manners, draw attention to you. Always try to wear your best whenever going out or going to work. Be mindful of what you’re wearing and always consider the occasion you’re going into and the type of fashion statement. Keep in mind that not all trendy fashion clothes are suitable for any body type, so always consider the style before splurging out for clothes and later regretting it because it doesn’t suit your body type. Instead, focus on your body type and shape and play with illusions of lines and curves to emphasize what needs to be emphasized and hide what needs to be hidden. Tying fun knots on scarves and shawls is also a key. Making DIY stuffs and clothes is also a fun way to manifest creativity and uniqueness of work that you can inculcate on your fashion sense.

Choose the appropriate sunglass shape for your facial shape. Eyeglass frame shapes needs to suit your facial shape. There are apparently 7 facial shapes, namely: circular, oval, square, rectangular, heart-shaped, rhomboid, and triangular. Always check the frame of the sunglass before opting to buy it. Keep in mind the curves and edges that might tend to be emphasized by these certain shapes which doesn’t look so flattering.

Be organized! Organization of stuffs is deemed to be cool because you get to keep your things properly and neatly arranged which merits positive feedback from most people. So to be cool, keep your stuffs neatly stashed and well-kept. You’ll also benefit from it anyway.