Haters and Bashers Wants Robin Padilla To be Ban in KOREA as Soon as Possible


The issue is now getting worse,after the controversial episode wherein Robin Padilla was seen reprimanding the Korean contestant for not studying Filipino Language in 10 years of his stay in the country.

Known for being the badboy of Philippine Showbiz, Robin Padilla once again showed the world his ALPHA side.

On a January 13 episode of Pinoy Got Talent, a Korean contestant tried his luck to showcase his street magic skills in front of 4 amazing judges, Vice Ganda, FMG , Angel Locsin and Robin Padilla. During his performance, the Korean asked Robin Padilla to use him ask the subject of the magic performance. Robin denied the Korean’s request because he wanted it to use tagalog.

“Pilipinas Got Talent ito, PI LI PI NAS Got talent , kaya magtagalog ka, kasi mag mumukha kaming kakatawa tawa kung mag eenglish kami dito para sayo ” Robin Padilla scolded the Korean.

Everyone were all shocked, including Vice Ganda and FMG. But Angel Locsin showed poise and how she handled intense situations like that earned a lot of respects from netizens from different part of the world. Darna to the rescue !

Many netizens does not like what Robin Padilla did to the contestant. Haters and Bashers grew , posting and expressing their disappointments over Robin Padilla’s action. But still many supporters believes and agreed with Robin Padilla’s sentiment.

“Tama lang naman ang ginawa ni binoy, bayan natin to, sampung taon na sya dito dapat to be resfectful naman, alamin mo naman yung language natin. Saka may girlfriend na syang pinay dapat talaga inaalam na nya yung tagalog” netizen defended his idol Robin Padilla.

After the video gone viral, an interview to Robin Padilla was posted in social media. In this interview, Robin Padilla answered all his bashers. He emphasized that he does not regret anything. Watch the interview video below.