From Full of Pimples to Beauty Queen, Malaysian Teen Transformation


As a woman, one of our greatest assets is our face because our physical attribute is the first thing that people see and notice next to our personality but there are aspects that are really uncontrollable no matter how much we take care of our faces, there will always come our lowest point.

source: youtube

For this Malaysian teen, the lowest point that she needs to face when it comes to her skin somewhat doesn’t bother her anymore through accepting the fact that the problem is really beyond her control and just embraced her difference and used it as a weapon to inspire women undergoing the same problem.

18-year-old Charisa Debully Francis suffers from severe acne problem and was bullied because of her appearance.

According to Charisa, people would sometimes give a intriguing glance at her and advise her to see a doctor to treat her acne problem. However, she usually shrug the advise off because she knew herself more than anyone else.

Charisa’s acne problem as mentioned by her was incurable because she’d seen a lot of dermatologist and tried a lot of products but still finds herself in the same situation without any improvement.

The Malaysian teen pointed out that severe acne problem may have rooted from hormonal imbalance and in the genes that’s why many including herself find a great hard time curing the problem.

Despite having an acne-ridden skin, Charisa possessed a beautiful face and just try to hide her flaws through make-up which enhanced more her face and brought out her true beauty.

With the fame she has, Charisa wants to use her voice and story to inspire people to love themselves unconditionally because there’s something more important than physical beauty.

Apart from being a inner beauty advocate, Charisa pursues her passion and currently studies music in Sabbah Institute of Art.