Food Hacks : 19 Ways You Should Add in Your Diet Plan


19 Easy Awesome Food Hacks You Should Add in Your Diet Plan

Tired of the same old food preparation whenever you pack your lunch? Spending hours and hours watching the shopping channel for the kitchen tools and appliances that would make your food be cooked and prepared the “awesome” way? How about spending irritable minutes rummaging in the kitchen for some tools that won’t seem to always come in handy? Worry no more! Because we have 19 amazing food hacks that will surely blow your mind! Not only would this make your life easy, most tools and appliances are easily found in the comforts of your home or probably in your kitchen cabinet.

Usefull food hacks

Here are 19 Food Hacks that would make you a game-changer in cooking and food preparation:


  • Food Hacks Number 1. Don’t have a toaster to make that yummy toasted bread? It’s easy! Get an aluminum foil and wrap your loaf bread inside. Lay it flat on a table and lay a flat iron on it back-to-back on high heat. Remove it from the heat, open the foil, and enjoy your bread!


  • Food Hacks Number 2.Cheese too tough to be cut by a knife? Get a heated glass and enclose the cheese inside of it. Wait for a few minutes and it should be easy for now to be cut.


  • Food Hacks Number 3.Instead of putting two circle-cut hams laid on top of each other, cut both in half and then lay it on top of all the four sides of the bread, getting most of the ham on the bread.


  • Food Hacks Number 4.To make a DIY ketchup container, heat a bottle cap lightly until the plastic is pliable to be punched in through with a toothpick. Punch a hole from the inside of the cap outwards, making a nozzle-like cap on the bottle. Cap the bottle tightly with a ketchup and squeeze like usual.


  • Food Hacks Number 5.Instead of cutting a loaf of bread on top of its rounded part, flip it on the smooth, flat edge of it and slice through it. It makes cutting the bread easier and prevents it from awfully destroying or ruining the bread shape which looks like a mess.


  • Food Hacks Number 6.To easily separate an egg yolk from egg whites, take regular bottle and remove the cap. Squeeze it lightly and aim the drinking part to the yolk. Release from grip and it should suck in the yolk separating from whites. Easy.


  • Food Hacks Number 7. An easy way to peel a hard-boiled egg is to soak it in cold water (blanching) soon as it has been removed from heat. Soak for a good few minutes and start peeling it. The shell should come off easy.


  • Food Hacks Number 8. How to cut an apple in half without a knife? Easy! Remove the little stalk sticking out on top of the apple. Now, squeeze your thumbs into the hole and easily rip the apple in half.


  • Food Hacks Number 9.To peel a kiwi fruit, cut the upper and lower parts of it using a knife. Using the same knife, dent one side of the skin of the fruit, almost cutting but not cutting all the way through. Now, take a spoon and plunge it under the surface of the peeling. Start scooping off the skin all the way around of it and it should be peeled off nice and clean.


  • Food Hacks Number 10. Instead of cutting off the top part of a strawberry to remove the leaves sticking on top of it (and apparently wasting a precious part of the fruit), take a straw and punch it through from the bottom of the fruit and out of the top of it containing the leaves. The leaves will come off and you don’t have to throw away a part of the strawberry.


  • Food Hacks Number 11 .Squeeze lemon juice on an exposed side of the apple to preserve its freshness.


  • Food Hacks Number 12. When adding a travel-pack sugar on a coffee, rip it in the middle and pour it out instead of tearing it on top and tapping it out.


  • Food Hacks Number 13. Hate wasting the last remains of Nutella inside the jar? Make an awesome Nutella milkshake drink! Take the jar of Nutella and pour fresh milk inside of it, full enough to the point that you can still shake it. Now, close it tightly and start shaking! Pour into a tall glass and enjoy!


  • Food Hacks Number 14. Instead of scooping the ice cream out of its pint, cut the pint itself with the frozen ice cream on it and put it on top of a cookie to make awesome and yummy ice cream sandwiches!


  • Food Hacks Number 16 .Make cool chocolate shavings by using a peeler! Lightly scrape off the surface of a chocolate bar and let your cupcake icings catch them all!


  • Food Hacks Number 17. Want creamier chocolate mallows that explodes when your slice through them? Place one choc o-mallow sandwich inside a microwave oven. Set the proper temperature and wait for a few seconds. Remove from oven and enjoy!


  • Food Hacks Number 18. Lick. Dunk! But instead of dipping an Oreo cookie halfway through milk using only fingers, use a fork and impale the cookies on its cream so you can fully give the cookies a nice dive on the milk.


  • Food Hacks Number 19. Want to share a Toblerone to a friend but you cut it downwards? You’re probably doing it wrong! Instead, rip a triangle of it by pushing it to the next triangle and you’d get a nice, ripped off chocolate that you can share.

More amazing Food Hacks

  • Burnt the underside of a cookie when baking? Scrape the burnt area with a cheese scraper to remove it.


  • Make a cool Coca-Cola bottle surprise by pouring chocolate fondue inside an empty coke bottle. While melted, let the chocolate run inside and coating the entirety of the bottle. Refrigerate for an hour or two and cut the bottle off leaving a chocolate-shaped Coca-Cola bottle. Get some fancy M&Ms and put it inside the bottle. Finish it off by adding the coke label on the chocolate for a fancy wrap-on.


  • Cut a tomato evenly by piercing it with fork and cutting through it using the gaps on the fork.


  • Instead of peeling through a corn cob one-by-one, cut the upper part of it and the corn should easily slide out of it.


  • Crush corn sticks to powder and it can be used as a yummy replacement to bread crumbs.


  • Roll a lemon and slice on top of it. Punch in a spray-cologne nozzle (clean it first!) and use it as a DIY fresh lemon juice spray.


  • Sprinkle basil and herbs on ice cube trays. Pour olive oil on it and put it in the freezer. This calls for an easy, DIY broth cubes for sautéing and cooking.


  • Tape a fork and a hammer facing each other to make a DIY meat tenderizer.


There’s a lot more food hacks to try on and get a satisfying result that would make you enjoy eating even more!

Source: 5 minute craft