Final Request of Young Man Who Died From Leukemia


Usually, a funeral is done to celebrate a late person’s life in a solemn way wherein the love ones commemorate the life of their dead through which music played during the funeral and interment are often tear-jerking songs.

Meanwhile, this young man wanted his funeral to be different and before he died, he requested his loved ones to turn his funeral into a joyous feast where the songs to be played should be lively not the ones that really trigger tears to pour down during the ceremony.

The interment of Emmanuel OmaƱa went viral as his casket was held high while his friends and loved ones tried to grant Emmanuel’s wish to turn his funeral to a feast by singing “Dancing Queen” before his remains goes to its final rest.

According to his friends, Emmanuel dreams to be on TV and for them, this is the best time to turn this dream to reality since the young man can no longer achieve it after he was given few months to live after he was diagnosed with leukemia.

The JOYOUS funeral also suits Emmanuel’s personality as he is known as a person who has a very bright personality. He is a type of person that can turn a gloomy situation into something positive.

Because of the unusual funeral, it’s impossible that local TV networks as well as the online community won’t take notice of it. Emmanuel’s dream came true when the viral video reached the local news and was even featured in award-winning magazine show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho”.

The time when Emmanuel’s funeral went viral was also the same time when “Die Beautiful” hit the blockbuster mark in cinema. That’s why, most claimed that Emmanuel’s story somewhat reflects “Die Beautiful” in real life.

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Source: Youtube
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