Feng Shui Says : If You Want To Be Rich Remove These Things In Your House Immediately


Every household would only welcome positivism and good luck inside their homes. Some maintain and follow certain oriental beliefs like Feng Sui to channel positive spirits and good wealth, and to avoid illnesses as well. SO here is the list of the things you need to avoid or you need to get rid if you have this inside your home.

If you are taking care of pigeons, make sure that its nest is away from your house, for the pigeon’s nest can bring instability and poverty to your house. Second is a beehive, aside from the bees being dangerous when they are disturbed, it also attracts bad luck and poverty, so you better ask a helper to transfer this beehive to have a sweet life.

Third is a spider web, for this is a sign of misfortune and bad luck might soon happen in the house, so you better clean your house and get rid of these webs. Another belief are broken mirrors, because of its brokenness and charred pieces, it attracts negative energy, and it might cause an accident to family members because of its sharp sides, and it may cause danger or harm.

Fifth are leaky taps, since we need to conserve water, it also means that when you let the water leak from your faucet, you are letting positive energies be dragged out of the house, so you better ask your plumber to seal those leaky faucets, or might be surprised with your next water bill. Loose wires should be given attention in the house, because it might cause accidents and it means chaos and haywire, aside from it being dangerous, so if you see one, discard it immediately or ask an electrician to fix it for you.

Terraces should always be kept clean even if it usually been used as a dumping yard, a household should also avoid stale flowers on their altar, make sure that you have fresh flowers to set on the table before praying because fresh flowers attract good energies. If you have a garden, you should regularly weed out and prune those dry leaves, or you may ask your gardener to do it for you.

Feng Sui cannot be justified by science, but definitely with common sense. If you want to attract good vibes and good health, all you need is a clean and organized house away from accidents and sickness. Click the link to watch the video! Let us know what you think!


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