Father and His Child Plays in A Grave “Siguradong Madudurog Ang Puso Sa Dahilan Kung Bakit Nya Ginawa Ito “


Having a child is one of the most precious gifts coming from Almighty and having a new addition to the family really gives so much joy to the members because truly “the more, the merrier”. On the other hand, challenges always come to test the family members especially the parents, just like this couple in China.

source: Youtube
source: Youtube
source: Youtube

Parents of two-year-old Zhang Xin Lei is currently facing the worst nightmare of their life as a couple. Their story went viral after local Chinese network shared their tragic story.

Everyday, Zhang Xin Lei’s father accompanies her in a pit which he revealed created to be her grave. According to him, he can no longer support his daughter’s lifelong medication because their savings and donations from kind hearted people had already ran out.

When she was just two months old Zhang Xin Lei was diagnosed with Thalassemia, a blood disorder in which the body makes an abnormal form of hemoglobin.

Reports say that Zhang Xin Lei parents had spent £11,000 for her medication and current donations as well as their day jobs won’t be enough to extend longer the life of their daughter as the blood disorder requires lifelong treatment.

With this, Zhang Xin Lei’s father was left without a choice to start preparing for his daughter’s funeral and grave. Along with his wife, they take her to her own grave and sometimes play with her several feet below the ground probably for the reason so the child would get used to the place when her time comes.

Knowing this tragic story, we feel very sorry for the child as well as her parents. However, we are hoping that through sharing her story in our site, will be a help so more people would know Zhang Xin Lei’s case to reach the right organizations that could give her lifelong assistance.