Eating ” SAGING NA SABA ” Everyday Can Do This To Your Body


All of us knew that banana is rich in potassium but did you know that it can also prevent and treat some illnesses? Know about the miracles of eating banana particularly the ‘Saging na saba’ in as follows:
Helps to prevent stoke and high blood pressure As mentioned bananas are rich in potassium particularly the ‘Saging na saba’ which is a component that helps to regulate the oxygen circulation to in the body. ‘Saging na saba’ also helps to keep the proper rate of heart as it beats and the water content in the body that all contributes to proper blood circulation.

Energy booster If you feel drained from all the activities that you did the entire day, 2 ‘Saging na saba’ is the best option to boost your energy or better yet include ‘Saging na saba’ into your breakfast to survive long and tiring day.

Answer to constipation Opposite to what others believe that bananas can cure Loose Bowel Movement (LBM), it can also cure constipation since ‘Saging na saba’ has natural fibers that helps improve your digestion. How versatile this fruit is, right?

Cures Hangover‘Saging na saba’ can help you eliminate hangover from partying all night since it’s known to have component that can reduce the feeling of hangover. So, the next time you’ll wake up the next day feeling dizzy, grab some ‘Saging na saba’ or bananas from your fridge and you’d be okay.

Helps you in quitting smoking and reduce the pain caused by dysmenorrhea
Want to quit smoking? ‘Saging na saba’ is the answer. ‘Saging na saba’ can help people addicted to smoking reduce the sensation of wanting to smoke through the presence of vitamin B complex and other minerals. Vitamin B complex particularly vitamin B6 can also help to reduce menstrual cramps.

Prevents and reduce ulcer‘Saging na saba’ can act as acid neutralizer inside the stomach. It also produces inner coating that serve as protective coats in the stomach and at the same time balances the good bacteria in intestines.