Doctor Notices Something Weird in His Patient Foot


A man from Australia was rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe pain in his foot. Doctors advised him to undergo x-ray examination and found something eerie living inside his foot. What could this be?

The human body is somewhat fascinating because other than our dependence to each other some species also depend on us to survive. Some organisms use human body as a host for them to survive like what happened to this man from Australia.

The result of the x-ray examination of the man turned out that an immense parasitic worm was living inside his foot which cause him severe burning sensation.

The said parasitic worm was found to be a African guinea worm which can grow up to 60 to 100 cm long and 1 to 2 mm wide. The female worm is much more severe effect to its host as it is the one that can bring more pain through producing a blister in the lower limb causing host to experience difficulty in walking or moving the area infected.

For the man’s case in Australia, it was believed that he got the parasitic worm from Sudan four years ago which may had grown in his body for years.

African guinea worm enters the body from drinking water infested by guinea worm larvae. It grows in the stomach and after some time find its way lower limbs where only females survive and cause skin blisters which serves as their exit point from their host. In 72 hours, the blister raptures exposing the worm so it can be extracted from the body.

There’s no vaccine or medicine to treat the guinea worm. Treatment only involves submerging the infected area in the water to discharge the worm’s larvae and extracting the worm out of the body once blisters rapture and the worm comes out so it can be pulled out.

Prevention is always better than cure. In order to be safe from guinea worm, make sure that drinking water is safe and clean before consumption.