Warning : Do Not Eat Farmed Fish


One Major Reason Why You Should Not Eat These Kind of Fishes

Fishes are a great source of healthy oils and is certainly high in Omega 3’s which is good for the heart and no wonder that fish is probably the healthiest food you can ever consume in this planet. Most countries who consume large amounts of fishes (such as Japan and other Asian countries) had longer lifespans and healthier lifestyles that could reach up to old age. However, recent studies have shown that eating fish can post possible dangers and health risks on the human body.

 Why We Should Stop Eating Fish

Fishes right now are being cultivated on fishfarms, and majority of these fishes has been eating toxic materials which can harm the consumer of the meat. Toxic foods are being eaten by these fishes and this could transfer to the consumer and provide dangerous risks on the human body.

Most fishfarms cultivate and raise fishes on fishfarms, one example is salmon. Salmon is the most in-demand and consumed fish on the world, but sadly, fish farmers are containing for about 2 million salmons on a single fish farm. According to statistics, 50% of the world’s fish that are being consumed by us are raised on fish farms.

Study says 70% of salmons sold in the market for consumers are farmed fishes. They are packed very tightly. Overpopulation causes for disease to be overly rampant on these farms. farmers are force to use heavy loads of pesticides to control the disease population which poses possible harm when consumed by fishes that are set to be sold and consumed by human beings.

Pesticides are alright when used for fruits since you can wash them off, however, the case would be totally different for fishes as these creatures tend to ingest most of these toxicities and is not imbued on their bodies. And another important thing we should now is that farm-raised salmons are considerably larger than wild salmons, containing much fat and weigh pretty much heavier. This means that toxins tend to cling on fat so majority of the fat contained toxins which are harmful for the body.

Another thing to be considered is what do these farm fishes eat and what are these artificial fish foods are made of? Actually, most of these fish foods are made of fatty fish like eel and helps farmers grow their salmons (or other fishes) faster than usual. However, majority of these fatty foods are made from the waters of the Baltic Sea which is known to be extremely contaminated. Studies conducted by toxicologists’ shows that fishes are considerably more toxic than fast foods, five times greater.