Director Joyce Bernal Reveals Something About Robin Padilla ” HINDI NAGBIBRIEF”


Robin Padilla has been one of the seasoned Filipino action stars. He had starred on different blackbuster films in the 90s and until present, people still admire him. He is also known him being a “bad boy” on cam on different characters he had played, showing how tough he can be and those punches and strikes he threw on his opponents but he will always seem like Robin Hood who is always ready to help the poor.

He is also the uncle of the Philippine’s Teen King, Daniel Padilla. Undoubtedly, the two shared the genes, for they are equally both good looking and charismatic, that women were on their heels and screaming on top of their lungs whenever they see one of them.

In this episode of the late night Sunday show, Gandang Gabi Vice, Vice Ganda guested the award winning director, Bb. Joyce Bernal and Robin Padilla for their promotion of a film. Bb. Joyce Bernal recalled her first encounter with Robin Padilla, and mentioned she admires the punctuality of Robin and she was awestruck the first time she saw him not only of his good looks but also because other production members  told her that he is not wearing any undergarments behind his jogging pants in their set early in the morning.

Hearing this, Vice Ganda jokingly commented that he is looking forward to produce a film with Robin. and Bb. Joyce Bernal added that Robin usually falls for his leading lady, and it made Vice giggle. There’s another scene during the interview where Robin was asked to show his signature walk and Vice Ganda followed suit, first by imitating Robin’s walk then eventually flirting with him and going closer to him that made the crowd scream with envy. They also made a confrontational scene of staring at each other then later on Robin Padilla stepped on Vice Ganda’s shoe, that made the audience howl with laughter.

Vice Ganda and Robin Padilla are currently co judges in the reality contest, Pilipinas Got Talent. To see this Vice Ganda episode, click the link below.