Daughter of Sunchine Cruz “Angeline ” Caught Eyes and Hearts of Netizens


Good looks ca really be acquired through good genes from your parents. And for Angelina Cruz, undoubtedly being a daughter of parents who are involved in the show business, she can definitely acquire those good looks with no sweat. No one will argue that her mother Sunshine Cruz is one of the celebrity mom who seem young despite of having teenage daughters, and her father, Cesar Montano, still has his charm despite his age.

It did not pass the eyes of the netizens when Angelina Cruz uploaded her photo in a hot red bikini on a beach in Subic, posing for a good shot. It’s not only the bikini that caught the attention of the netizens, but her gorgeous body. This teen definitely has charm and beauty, thanks to her parents’ genes. Her fair skin and her facial features is a total semblance of her beautiful mother Sunshine.

Though this is not the first time Angelina was seen wearing her swimsuit, because her mother also posts pictures of them on their swimming attires, it still captured the interests of the citizens. Aside from the fascination of Angelina on drawing, she was also known to do cover songs that can be heard in the internet like, “Can’t Help Falling in Love” and James Arthur’s “Say You Won’t Let Go”.

Her beauty was not put in vain when she was discovered and later on became one of the product endorsers of a local beauty product, Careline Cosmetics. She might be in her Junior High School year and there might be a struggle to juggle her academics and maintaining her interest in the arts by sketching and drawing, she finds the Mathematics subject extra challenging, and she is proud that she receives decent grades in school.

It will not be long that we will see Angelina on the big screen and do commercials and teleseryes. What do you think about this beautiful teen? Would she follow the footsteps of her parents and join the showbiz industry? Share us your views!